golf-foursomeOK, you're here. However, if you've not yet read about the Business applications of The Noveltee Card, please first do so HERE. Always before pleasure!

Attention Golfers (Fore!):

Imagine standing on the first tee with some golfers you've just been paired with. We all know it probably don't know them, but you're about to spend the next 4+ hours with them. How do you break the ice, when you are sure to have different styles and habits? How do you make sure you have fun during your round? Surely you've just paid a lot of money for the 'recreational activity' you're about to partake in!

The answer is to find some common ground...something to talk about. It's what makes every salesperson a good one. It's what builds relationships and trust. It's that simple. If you sell 'yourself' to people you know, or people you just met, it leads to many avenues - friendship, business, or just simply having a better time during your round of golf.

Well, at least you are sure to be remembered. Use your card as a novelty. Use it to lay a long drive wager. Or, simply use it just to make sure people remember your name! The possibilities are limitless...but realize your goal should always be nothing less than making an impression and networking to no end. Good impressions lead to good opportunities, and we all know what networking does.

No please go back and read the Business applications again (or get serious and do it the first time). That's where the good stuff is...