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Applications of the Noveltee Card for your golf facility bridge multiple levels. Business cards for your PGA Golf Professional that say "Go hit one on me!" can have a double meaning...but more importantly have double the revenue opportunities for increasing golf rounds and golf lessons. Your business cards and garment tags really turn into a golf tee? Wow...that's unique! Branding your facility with the Noveltee Card will make your patrons want to keep your card and information handy, use the card as a novelty, talk about you, and most it to other people! That's what a business card should do, keeping you in the minds of others and spreading the word.

$50/order Revenue Sharing Incentives!

Why not turn your Noveltee Cards into a merchandise item, so YOU can make money AND offer your patrons a discount on their order. We already know they are going to see your new cards and want to place an order themselves. Here's how the marketing genius works:

On the back of your Noveltee Cards (horizontally along the bottom or vertically along the right edge) we place a coupon code unique to you, that must be entered for an order. The coupon serves both discount & tracking purposes, so the customer is enticed to make the order properly (to get the discount) while you get credit for the purchase. Looks like this:

$20 Off Your Next 1000 Card Order • : Code: DHG181

Think about that for a minute...that's a $50 Credit for you for EVERY referral!

The only thing you need do is make them aware of the offer. Everything else is compelling and automatic. What if you only sell only 5 orders? just paid for your cards. What about 10 orders...or 100? A check that comes for Christmas for $5K sure would be nice, wouldn't it? Keep in mind customers can also re-order at any time using the same code...and also give it to their now do you think this will catch on? That's multi-level marketing at its best!

View the complete details of our Revenue Sharing Opportunities HERE

Golf Industry Specific Designs: (Click to Enlarge)

[These can be chosen and personalized at no additional cost, and you can mix and match styles (front/back) as desired]

The QR Code that points to the mobile tee time booking page on your website is worth its weight in gold! Customers simply scan with their smartphone, can save the link as a favorite, and easily view and book tee times at your facility when 'on the go' using any mobile device.

Fully Custom Garment Tagsgarment-tags-thumb

Does your facility use Custom Garment Tags for pricing golf shop merchandise? Simply provide us with a high quality version of your logo, and a photo of your signature hole or clubhouse...and with our 'custom design' option we can produce tags that really get your patrons talking (and spending). Our Custom Garment Tags use the same patent pending design and specifications of The Noveltee Card, with 2 sided full color printing and 2 upgrades: rounded corners and a hole cutout for easy hanging. Click the image to the right to see a larger 2-sided sample tag.

We hope you realize The Noveltee Card is more than just a novel-tee. It's a marketing juggernaut. With several uses and ordering options for your golf facility, we provide Golf Course Owners & PGA Golf Professionals the ability to generate more revenue and earn money for spreading the word.

Customer Loyalty Punch Cardspunch-card-thumb

You've seen them everywhere from Subway to Barnes & Noble, but do you utilize this proven method to increase revenue by promoting customer loyalty? We custom design your punch cards with a set number of punches, you choose a custom hole puncher, and your program is fully launched in a heartbeat! It's really that simple. Your facility is now etched in their mind, your branding is kept in their wallet, and more consumer dollars appear in your cash drawer.

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