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Whether you run a Charity Golf Tournament, an Annual Outing or Tournament, or simply have an Organization or League that meets regularly...The Noveltee Card has options that are perfect for your consideration. Let's start by considering your business card needs. What a unique way to brand your organization! What a perfect way to get your participants excited about you and your golf event!

Special Event Cards

We're pretty sure you already realize event participation is crucial to the $ you raise for your organization. Do you have trouble promoting your event or filling to capacity? Using The Noveltee Card to take the place of a flyer or email blast to promote your event is the smartest idea yet. Being unique is being remembered, and we all know flyers and emails are easily discarded. This form of "Noveltee Marketing" easily fits into a wallet or purse...and makes sure your patrons have no excuse to forget your event, or difficulty accepting your invitation. It's also something people just don't want to with any novelty item they want to keep and try it themselves!

Simply give us your custom artwork, or work with one of our graphic artists to transform your Noveltee Card into a 'Special Event Card' with all the details of your organization and event. This becomes a superb technique to increase awareness, interest & participation...helping to make your day a success. It can also help attract sponsors, through the added level of professionalism you exude, and with the ability you now have to sell advertising on the back.

Tee Prizes, Gift Prizes & Auctions

The Noveltee Card can also be the perfect tee prize or gift prize for your patrons. You can pre-purchase any set of Noveltee Cards, and give them as a prize or auction them off during your event. After all, people are highly selective in the apparel they wear, or the clubs they they are often dissatisfied with these kinds of prizes. Why not consider and give them a gift everyone uses...and one they can completely customize to their satisfaction!

Giving Back to Your Charity! The "Referral Revenue" Stream...

To show our commitment to the game of golf and your charity's cause, we've come up with a special program on all 1000 card orders. You have the opportunity to raise $50 per Referral Order for anyone within your organization's reach, wanting to place a Noveltee Card order with your unique coupon discount code.  This is a way for anyone who wants their own Noveltee Cards to ALSO support your organization! We offer them $20 Off their order when they input your code (printed on the back of your Noveltee Cards), so the credit is tracked back to your referral. What a great solution to introduce them the benefits of The Noveltee Card while having them support your organization!

We also offer an $80 Discount per Order for representatives of your charity on orders for their cards, special event cards, tee prizes & gift prizes. This helps make it easier to get started, so your Noveltee Cards can start a referral revenue stream for your charity.

View the complete details of our Revenue Sharing Opportunities HERE