We fully understand the power of The Noveltee Card, and hopefully you can too. This opportunity pays you back for helping us spread the word, so here's how to turn your business cards into an additional revenue generator for you. One thing is for certain: from this point on in using The Noveltee Card, you'll be remembered and asked a lot of questions...so why not get paid back for every order you promote? Here are the details:


Any individual, organization or business that at least partially serves the golf industry. You could be a golf facility, golf instructor, charity, annual golf event, golf association, golf league, off-course golf shop, provider of golf services, a golf related website, a school sports program, a chamber of commerce, an alumni program...the list goes on.


Think of your new business cards as a "Merchandise Item". What if you could raise money for all the "referral orders" you generate with your unique coupon code? Here's how it's done:

  • Provide a $20 Off Coupon incentive for your customers to purchase their own Noveltee Cards, using your unique coupon code when they place their order.
  • Every single order with your coupon code Earns you $50.
  • The only investment is for your Noveltee Business Cards. This is not a physical stock item like a Driver or Shirt, where you outlay lots of cash to keep inventory levels high.
  • Once per year, in December, you receive your proceeds. If you are an RWM customer, you can apply your revenue to your annual website fees as well.


24/7/365. Business cards are needed by everyone, no matter the weather or the time of year. The online store does not close for the day, the night, or the season! Everything is automated through our website and your only part is to keep handing out business cards as usual. Isn't that your intention anyway?


Everywhere that pertains to you and your business. Promote an incentive on your business card, in your store, on your website, and/or in an email blast campaign. The marketing channels are completely up to you, but we'll make it easy by providing graphics & compelling text for an email campaign, to introduce your support and an enticing offer for your customers. Everyone loves discounts and your patrons will easily see the advantage they have when ordering on your behalf.


Continue to promote yourself and your business as usual. The magic all happens on our website, through orders placed in our online store. The coupon branding on back of your cards (and wherever else you choose to show the offer) will ensure you receive full credit for all purchases. Your unique 'Coupon Code' is automatically tracked each time an order is placed, and you can be sure it will be used...because it's needed for the discount!


Why is this worth your time? How much money will you make? Why are you even here in the first place??? Most importantly, you need business cards. You want to be unique. You want your business card to stand out...and somehow, you have a connection to the golf industry...so this has made your decision to order The Noveltee Card.

Next, you start to think on a larger scale. You have connections. They have connections. This is going to be huge!!! Why wouldn't you capitalize on the free help you'll be providing anyway??? Please review these final thoughts:

  • You basically need to do nothing except promote yourself as usual. Your coupon code can be used an infinite number of times.
  • When asked, explain how they go to the website and order using your discount code. Yes, they understand that's a benefit provided by YOU!
  • All ordering is automated and online 24/7/365, tracked by your unique code so you get full credit.
  • The ordering technique breaches multiple levels. Your coupon code can be used by anyone. Your customers will PASS IT ON to friends & contacts!
  • Customer reorders are life long! The will employ the same ideas to keep their advantage of using the card and benefits, even when changing jobs.
  • The only investment you have is ordering your cards with a FREE Custom Design...but you were going to do that anyway!

Decision made. You win. Expect a big check each year for Christmas!!