schoolsThe Value of Your Brand

We all know the value of your brand. However, we don't all have the luxury of worldwide recognition like some of the NCAA Universities you see to the right. However, being unique and being remembered is very important in developing your brand...and it translates to support and respect in many ways, opening potential revenue streams that help your organization's progression. The Noveltee Card does just that, allowing you to take advantage of our patent pending design and innovative marketing strategies in order to produce a valuable revenue stream in support of your organization or school's sports programs and athletic departments.


We certainly help to make your business cards professional & fun to use...but we'll make them useful as well. Similar to what you'll see on our Design page, we can focus on your Logo and/or QR Code (with a direct link to your website or team webpage) being placed within the pop-out ball marker. This too helps with branding and being remembered.

Alumni Organizations

Don't forget the most important part of your school's heritage! Your alumni are the people who support your school the most. They are fanatical and valuable to the success of your school and it's your job to provide them with a "good excuse" to support their alma-matter. Therefore, we've come up with a great opportunity for you to leverage your alumni database while introducing them to one of the most innovate products on the market...with many reasons (contained within our website) to prove how advantageous the Noveltee Card can be to their success. Your alumni can be the driving factor to raise money for your sports programs, and we'll make it easy for them to participate.

Email Blast = Revenue Stream For You

Let's consider 2 situations, the first being a small scale high school sports program, and the second a large scale university golf team. Also, you need to know that for every order placed in support of your organization or school (as the result of an email blast or marketing promotion), simply by entering a 'Promo Code' specific to you during the order, we will donate 10% (per individual order of 1000 cards) back to your school or the sports program of your choice! We will also offer a 10% off coupon to everyone during their order...helping to make this compelling enough to make the transaction happen!

For many schools and organizations, fundraising is becoming more and more difficult, especially if you ask for money but are not providing a compelling or useful product. Let's consider that every year, 45 Billion business cards are printed in the U.S. alone, and over 90% of people will have at least 1 business card during their lifetimes (with the average person having more than 5 individual orders). Does that qualify as useful? Now, if your program can only reach 1000 people in its fundraising efforts, with a 10% just netted $2,500 for your efforts! That kind of money goes a long way at a small organization with limited resources!

Even for a golf program at a Division 1 University, we know programs such as Basketball and Football are overshadowing. So how can a "less followed" sports program at a large university benefit? Let's say you have access to an email list of 100,000 alumni, and allow our marketing team to cultivate an email blast that you will send to them on our behalf. If you have a 20% open rate and only a 2% order rate, that translates to a quick $10,000! Since you are directly promoting or endorsing a premium product that is both useful and innovative, the potential is actually far greater. As studies suggest, you may have as much as a 10% conversion rate. We're pretty sure you'll fall somewhere in between, but we are positive your members or alumni will be happy in contributing to your success...while they experience their own advantages...having you to thank for introducing them to such an innovate product!

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