So how do your students stand out when they're a looking for a job? Everyone is handing out resumes at interviewing or networking opportunities. However, it's impossible for someone to 'always' carry a resume, whereas a business card is easy to carry in a wallet or purse 100% of the time. The Noveltee Card is the perfect solution for 24/7 networking that makes an innovative impression for any job-seeker.

jobsWe offer Colleges & Universities the opportunity to provide The Noveltee Card to their Students & Alumni through exclusive distribution means. Sales & Promotion are entirely through the University, and there is no official licensing agreement necessary. Here are some particulars:

  • University has exclusive distribution rights
  • Final approval of all stock design artwork
  • Determination of retail pricing
  • Ability to sell through alumni organization, online, or through university print services
  • Option to promote through campus store system and/or career services department
  • Fully branded and/or unbranded designs

The process is simple. We craft the cards & flyers, and we produce & ship the cards directly to the student or alumnus. You take the orders & collect payment. You have no overhead whatsoever. You provide the order information to us through an electronic website form.

Students are proud of their degree. They have a connection with your school and a desire to showcase the branding of 'their' university. When they hand out a resume at an interview or career fair, you will educate them to include their Noveltee Business Card for the elevated impression and competitive advantages it brings. We all know the amount of money parents pay for their children to attend college...for what? Well ultimately it's to find a job. Now, you are also giving them a unique tool to completely set them apart from other job candidates.

Alumni Organizations

 There are 3 beneficial areas that arise when distributing The Noveltee Card through your alumni organization.

1) Students: Your Alumni Organization can quickly establish a connection with seniors & recent graduates seeking employment. This is a valuable service they can provide, showing a symbiotic relationship that will greatly increase membership and participation over the long term. This synergy can also be established with underclassmen, introducing them to the alumni organization and its benefits, as they help the career services department prepare students for interviews and career fairs.

2) Alumni: The Organization can also participate in the same Referral Revenue Share that introduces The Noveltee Card to its members, providing a discount for them while generating revenue for the organization. This can be promoted in any way, including an email blast that will also alumni to connect on a deeper level with their association.

3) Revenue: The financial opportunities abound for every avenue. Increased membership, participation & perception = increased revenue & endowments. Price control through exclusivity is a revenue stream for student orders while having no overhead. Email blasts to alumni generate as much as $50/order in fundraising efforts.

Student Benefits

Of course, this is all about the benefits for your students! And isn't it great that they'll have you to thank?

1) Students have all the same benefits & advantages described above, and the additional ones listed in our Business section.

2) The QR Code is crucial to showing a student's innovation. When scanned, it downloads an updated resume that is stored & managed in a student's Google Docs account. This is a dynamic networking solution that has never even been thought of before! What kind of impression does that allow the student to show to a potential employer?

3) Perhaps most important...the conversation easily starts, a personal connection is made, and a lasting impression is formed. That's how candidates get selected for a job or to do business. It's often said that selections come from likability even more than real ability.

Let us provide a real-life scenario. 2 students walk into a bar (sorry...wrong joke but very true also). 2 students walk into an interview. Similar qualifications, similar interview skills. The first starts off going right into interview and being 'interviewed'. The second passes their Noveltee Card along with their resume, and the ice is instantly broken when the interviewer says "What's this?"...allowing the student to immediately make a personal connection, either by school branding or explaining how it turns into a golf tee. Who gets the job?

Sample Flyer & Mock Student Cards (Click to Enlarge)