business-peopleYes, most golfers know a golf tee is sometimes referred to as a 'peg'. All cleverness aside, your business card makes an impression of "who" you are, while showing others how innovative, imaginative and successful you and your business can be. It opens doors in many ways, and most importantly it should allow you to 'stand out' among your peers and competition. Did you know there are over 10 Billion business cards printed in the United States every year? What are the chances of your valuable contact information getting lost in the shuffle? What if we told you that over 90% of all business cards are discarded within 24 hours after being exchanged? What if we presented a solution that allowed your business card to be kept 100 times longer than average?

So let's think about this on a deeper level:

What should be the focus of your business card? Communication? To make an impression? Networking? To be remembered? If you answered "all of the above"'re still only partially correct. Keep thinking...because you'll find dozens more applications for your business card!

In networking alone, it goes deeper than the people you give your card to. What if it could funnel down to the people they know as well? This multi-level marketing leads not only to new relationships, but many other business and job opportunities as well. When people know and remember you and your business above others, that's how you get ahead in this world. Even if you don't golf, many of the people you communicate with surely do.

So what does The Noveltee Card do for you (above and beyond a normal business card)?

First Impression - A great way to break the ice, begin the conversation, find a deeper level of trust, and be thought of in a positive light.

Valuable Branding - Whether you design the graphics or choose one of our great designs or'll have the opportunity to make sure your cards look great, function perfectly, and promote your business in a way like no other. It's not only apparent that it turns into a golf tee, it also has a pop-out ball marker in which we can easily position your company logo and/or website QR Code...printed in full color on both sides.

An Innovation -  When you give out your card, the fact it came from you shows you are the genius, not us. That's what your contacts take away from meeting you. They won't think about us until they realize they should be placing an order of their own!

Being Remembered - Who wants to throw away a completely unique novelty item? They'll want to keep it, use it, and show it to others. Most will ask for more than one card so they can give it to others they know! This is called 'Viral Marketing', and it's termed that way because it spreads like a virus, without you doing anything. Your info is now kept longer and remains in the forefront of people's minds. It's a conversation piece that's networking for you, even when you are not around!

We hope you realize these advantages, because when used in the proper way, The Noveltee Card actually has nothing to do with being a golf tee.