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So what do you think is more important...having longer drives, or making more money when conducting business? If you said "both", please read on! Please know for several 'legal' reasons, we can't guarantee results...but these thoughts and arguments are certainly compelling:

The Physics

First, let's discuss the Physics behind the Noveltee Card. It's actually not too difficult in layman's terms. Fold the card along the 2 scored lines in the middle, interlock the 2 pre-cut grooves after tearing each 1/16" perforated edge, and place the card on the ground with a golf ball on top. Pop out the perforated ball marker if desired, which probably has branding of a company logo and/or website QR Code...making a very good reason to leave it somewhere another person will find it and say "What's this?" as they scan it with their Smartphone. All that aside, here's what's different from normal golf tee:

1) When the ball is placed on the card, it offers stability under most circumstances. As you swing and hit the ball, there is no 'ground friction' caused by a normal tee, since no part is 'embedded' into the ground. Less friction translates to more distance, right?

2) Since the ball sits within the triangle, it actually sits a bit lower in respect to the edges that touch the ball (when compared to a normal golf tee). This means when the ball is hit, it must propel upward at a greater angle. That means a higher ball flight and carry distance when hit by a Driver. Overall, a more optimal angle is achieved...again translating to more distance and accuracy.

3) There is less 'area' of the ball touching the card as opposed to a normal golf tee. Again, less friction when impacted by the club.

4) As the swing of the driver into the ball (at impact) has a slightly downward angle, the front of the card (the fold-over part that looks like half an 'x' facing the target) digs slightly into the ground, the back of the card propels upward, causing a catapult-like effect on the ball. At this time we haven't determined how long the ball experiences the catapult effect, but it's certainly noteworthy. In fact, the rigidness of the card is intended to maintain contact with the ball and provide an opposing force on the ball as long as possible. This force on the ball guessed it...greater distance.

Wow, maybe there could be an argument you'll hit longer drives...

The Money

Now, let's talk about business and $$. After all, they are called 'business cards', and they are intended for marketing purposes. Business cards are widely used, and they are no longer just about exchanging information, becoming more and more about 'marketing & branding'. Have you ever been given a truly unique business card? One that is made out of a plastic or metal material, laser etched, or a unique shape? Chances are that if you have been given one, it would stand out and be remembered among all those other normal cards you also received. It also would have given you an increased perception of the individual it came from...and still today you probably remember who gave it to you.

Business cards are an extension ourselves and our business. Similar to the way we dress, the accessories we wear, the car we drive, and so on...those factors lead to a deeper desire for someone to remember you and want to conduct business with you. With that idea in mind, do you realize how important your business card is now? The first impression is when someone sees you and/or your business, while the 'lasting' impression is what they take away (your business card).

So, when someone departs after meeting you, what should be the intentions of your business card? Do you want them to throw it away, or place it in a huge stack of other cards? Do you want it to be lost in the shuffle? How about hoping it gets entered or scanned into a database, then tossed out? In the past, your only option was to pray for the last occurrence.

Now start to think beyond the impression your business card makes. How about if someone felt the need to hold on to it, even after it had served its primary purpose? What if they feel the need to keep it close...on their desk, in their wallet, or in a place they frequently see in hopes to remind them to do something else with it? What if they appreciate your creativeness and innovation so much, they want to show it to others, and plan to adapt the idea for themselves? Now they see you as the pioneer helping them experience the same business advantages you have. That's a pretty nice effect for a traditional business card!

In summation, here's what The Noveltee Card does for you:
1) You stand out in the crowd, make a better impression, and are remembered
2) Your information is kept in the forefront, and your branding is etched in the recipient's mind
3) Your business card is kept for a longer time period, serving more than one purpose and virally networked

Only 2 more words to conclude: Mission accomplished.