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In the Summer of 2013, I was introduced to a company that had designed a business card which could be folded a couple of times, turning into a triangular platform and utilized to place a golf ball on top. It seemed like a simple idea...but they had been in business for 2-3 years and did not know how to bring the product to market. I considered working for them and went on to give them several ideas before negotiations failed. During that time I realized how they had 'missed the mark', and how I could succeed with my experience as a PGA Professional and owner of two highly successful marketing companies specific to the golf industry. So I set out to improve the design and business model...

Fast forward about a month, and I had already determined a new product name, completed the research & design phases, and obtained a Provisional Utility Patent to protect my new design & innovation. I solved several issues I saw the other product had, generating a more marketable layout, improving stability, and adding an 'interlocking' connection between the sides to form a triangular platform for the golf ball. My design also took advantage of perfect symmetry to allow for graphics and layouts to be more easily applied since the card's design was reversible. Furthermore, it eliminated a perforated area their design had to make the triangular platform, which had several issues I experienced that would render the card unusable, due to accidental tearing or becoming unstable after just a few holes.

Most important, I determined exactly how to bring the product to market to make it compelling and affordable. I priced it at half the amount they wanted to charge for their product, and aimed at being competitive with ordinary business card companies to keep my offering open to everyone. I understood this was a 'novelty item' solely intended to generate money...through promotion, innovation, individuality, and memorability. Isn't that what a business card should do?

The idea caught on and has already became wildly successful! It seems when somebody sees The Noveltee Card, they're captivated by the idea and have to have it as well. I hope our website gives the explanation needed for you to determine the same. It's not just a business novelty, it's a way for you to break the you a competitive advantage in branding & business.

Rob West
Founder & President, The Noveltee Card

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