The 4-1-1: How It Works

The Noveltee Card revolutionizes your every-day business card into a novelty golf tee, making sure you stand out in a crowd. Our exclusive, patent-pending design allows its transformation into a fully functioning golf tee & pop-out ball marker, which your peers and potential clients will remember for years. Imagine having the edge over your competition, knowing your contacts are 1000% more likely to remember & engage in dealings with you simply because you made a lasting impression. The Noveltee Card will help establish your brand, bringing you to the cutting edge of marketing & innovation for something that's normally just a simple networking task. With a couple quick folds and by interlocking the edges (shown below), you've captivated your audience...proving the real idea is much more than being a golf tee, as you'll see here.

Replacing the "Golf Tee Pack"

The golf tee pack provides only a limited amount of marketing space, costing around $0.75 for a pack of 4 tees with a plastic ball marker. That's $300 for a 400pk minimum, and its impression is almost immediately forgotten. The Noveltee Card conveys your brand and marketing message in a way that is fun, unique, professional, and memorable. It's next generation marketing.