• A Marketing Innovation

    Utilize the ultimate golf accessory that gives you a unique branding advantage over your business competition... translating to $ in your pocket.

  • Will You Be "The 1%"?

    The Noveltee Card transforms your business card into a novelty golf tee...elevating your impression while breaking the ice for conversation.

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  • Brand Awareness

    A survey of consumers found that 83% liked receiving promotional products with an advertising message (PPAI.org). Of those, 89% remembered that product after 2 full years!

  • Simple Physics?

    Our Physics Expert won't claim you'll have longer or more accurate drives, but he will admit you'll probably be 1000% more remembered...

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  • brand-awareness
    Unique Brand Awareness
  • noveltee-comp
    Be 1000% More Remembered
  • card-template
    A Networking Innovation

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